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The importance of backflow preventers cannot be overstated. They will stop water coming from private plumbing systems from flowing back into the public water system. Properly functioning backflow prevention assemblies are crucial for the health and safety of our families and communities.


A correctly installed backflow preventer has to meet the location’s particular hydraulic conditions and be able to protect against the degree of hazard found in that area. After installation, it’s fundamental that they are periodically tested to confirm their operational effectiveness. Only a licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester can carry out this task, and Bautista Brothers Lawn Care is licensed to test backflow prevention assemblies in the Lubbock, TX area.

Let’s Protect Our Drinking Water

Essentially, a backflow preventer is a device meant to ensure that water flows in a single direction. The reason we need them is that they allow us to separate potable from non-potable water, so families can rest assured that drinking water is safe from contaminants and pollutants caused by backflow.


These systems are so important that they have to be tested annually. Our certified services include making sure that check valves close and relief valves open properly, as well as looking for any damage to the components of the device -usually made of rubber, metal, or plastic- and therefore very susceptible to damage due to water pressure.    

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Our testers at Bautista Brothers Lawn Care are licensed by the State of Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Once testing is done, we’ll be glad to file the necessary paperwork for you. We can help anyone near:


  • Lubbock, TX
  • Brownfield, TX
  • Lamesa, TX
  • Ransom Canyon, TX
  • Wolfforth, TX

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